Share your life goals? It depends.

I feel that life goals are very personal. They should be very close to the heart thus making them very emotional. A lot of people are thinking if you share your goals, you are more likely to achieve them. But as I said before if your life goals are very personal, it should be shared ONLY with people who will support you, who shared the same view of life. This is because most people are not naturally disciplined to not giving negative comments on other people’s intention in life. Comments like “Heck, everyone wants that, but not many can achieve it”, or “I had those goals when I was your age. Look at me now” are so common even from your own well meaning parents. So we should forgive them for being so human. But on the other hand, if your life goal is very general like “make the world a better place” – heck why not, share it away! 🙂

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