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Inspiration from Exclusive Breastfeeding Journey


I have to say the reason why I’m persisting on this financial independence goal is because I was driven on my previous ‘success’. As the title of this post suggest, this other success of mine is I exclusively breastfeed my first born. Most mothers will agree with me that breastfeeding is not as ‘natural’ as it sounded to be. It takes a lot of knowledge, determination and tears from both side of the breast to finally make it ‘natural’.

Before this, I have never met anyone personally that have succeeded in exclusive breastfeeding and that includes my own mother and sister. As what my mother, who is 62 years old now, said during her time, breastfeeding were only for those who didn’t have enough money to buy formulas. So, if you were breastfeeding you were considered poor. How times have changed! Now if you are not breastfeeding you are considered ignorant! I’ve known several women in the office who felt pressured to breastfeed, which I think is not the right frame of mind to have when you are breastfeeding.

I’ve read about successful stories of breastfeeding on the internet but I had no personal friend who did it. It’s very weird that something so good has so little followers and I have to say at times I was doubtful if exclusive breastfeeding is really possible for working mothers. I know I was on my own then. So I spent countless hours reading books and reading posts and blogs about breastfeeding prior to my due date. And when the time came, I was ready, or so I thought. To make a long story short, with a lot of determination, persistence and support from the people closest to me, I successfully breastfeed my baby boy for 10 months and weaned him completely at 16 months while working full time. While this achievement is nothing new, I was proud of myself and if I learned anything from this, I should also be successful in my goal towards Financial Independence.